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About Me

I am running for Rochester City Council - Ward 6 because I have the leadership skills to get us back on track and to make our city better for everyone, not just the special interest groups. Through the COVID Recovery, we need to refocus on the basics of Public Safety, Public Works, Parks & Trails, Economic Development, and a fiscally responsible government. Our community has had enough of the progressive agenda and reckless spending. 


I am proud of our heritage and our future. I loved growing up in Rochester and am blessed that my daughter can grow up here, too. What makes Rochester great is our community. Our citizens Are the experts and their voices need to be heard. I bring great communication skills to our community by listening to all sides of the story, answering the hard questions, getting answers, and creating results.

The City Council has lost its way recently, and I have the leadership skills to help right the ship and get us back on track. I have been involved with volunteer organizations throughout our region and nationally for nearly 15 years and it's my time to bring those skills to our city government.


I'm not about platitudes, and promises, I'm about answers, proven results, and common sense.

"Data is a tool to make a decision, along with professional recommendations and constituents wants and needs."


Todd Pisarski

Rochester resident, and retired U.S. Army Officer, 
Former 6th Ward City Council candidate

“Divergent Views” “The two Ward 6 candidates have very divergent views in regards to government and the needs of the Ward 6 residents and businesses and how to meet those needs,” states Pisarski.

“Craig Ugland, a long-time Rochester resident, has the values, experience, and the knowledge to lead Rochester forward -- he is good for Ward 6, he is good for Rochester - he is the person we need on the City Council now. He has proven he can defend the will of the Ward 6 residents against city hall.” “The residents will have to decide in November which direction they want Ward 6 and Rochester to go.”


“The residents can continue in the direction of ‘painted arrows to nowhere’ (reference to recent street line painting on Assisi Drive) or they can choose to go in the direction that Craig Ugland has outlined,” said Pisarski.

“A Candidate Who Understand Service to Others,” Pisarski said, “As a veteran myself, and Gulf War Veteran, I salute Craig and thank him for the good work he continues to do to take care of the service member, and the veteran family, especially in times of need, even though a lifelong disability prevented him from wearing the uniform himself.” "Craig understands what 'service to others' truly means.


"We live in a town where the Kuwaiti Emir can come to and receive medical care but the medical institutions refuse to provide care to those who liberated the Emir forcing veterans to travel far distances outside of Rochester to receive care even when available here in town." (reference to Choice Improvement Act and Rochester's medical institutions refusing to participate even though they take federal, state, and local tax dollars)


Craig serves as State Captain of the Minnesota Patriot Guard overseeing over 350 veteran funeral missions annually, he’s involved in Beyond the Yellow Ribbon for Southeast Minnesota, POWMIA Riders Association, the Southeast Minnesota Youth Hockey Scholarship, among others for the many family members of service members and veterans.

Jerry Williams

Former Superintendent of Rochester Public Schools

I strongly support Craig Ugland's election as the 6th Ward council member on the Rochester City Council. Craig has the necessary experiences to make sure our ward is well-represented when the council tackles some significant issues associated not only with DMC and development but also recovering from the pandemic, as well as many others.


As a person who has lived in Ward 6 for thirty-three years and been associated with the Rochester Public Schools for twenty of those years, I know the importance of having our voice well-represented on the council. Craig was born and raised in our ward, took the leadership in turning back the city's attempt to narrow Elton Hills Drive, and continues to be actively involved in the whole of Rochester. Craig Ugland brings the experiences that we need on the city council, and I absolutely support his election.

Karla Richardson 

SFC US Army (Retired)

I have known and worked with and for Craig Ugland for the past 14 plus years.  Craig brings impeccable leadership skills to the table.  He is willing to listen to all sides of an issue, understanding that issues are personally important to people, and he exercises compassion and empathy with everyone.  He makes sound decisions based on information-gathering and has excellent communication skills.

Craig will take the time and effort to do his research on issues, and come to viable solutions.  The 6th Ward in Rochester will be well served by Craig!

Heidi Click

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Steering Committee Member

Rochester, MN

I am writing to endorse my support for Craig Ugland’s Candidacy for Rochester City Council, Ward 6.

Craig Ugland’s desire to help his community is evident in his countless number of volunteer hours and memberships in various civic organizations.   In addition to his neighborhood organizations, such as Take Back our Roads and Elton Hills Neighborhood Association,  he has served in various roles supporting both community and state initiatives such as: Patriot Guard, POW/MIA Riders, Tee it Up for the Troops, and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of SE MN.  Within the last year, he was presented with the “Seven Seals Award” given for meritorious leadership and initiative in support of men and women who serve America in the National Guard and Reserve.

I have personally known Craig for over 10 years.  Craig has always had an interest and passion for helping military families living in our midst.   He was one of the founding/core members of the SEMN branch of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, and currently is Chair of our Steering Committee.  Craig’s strengths lie in his ability to actively listen to diverse thoughts and opinions, and his ability to work collaboratively with multiple agencies.  His calm, even temperament is an asset, especially when discussing sensitive issues.  I appreciate his discernment, adherence to fiscal responsibility, and accountability as our leader.

Please vote for Craig Ugland for Rochester City Council, Ward 6. , the ideal choice for both innovative ideas and collaborative action.

Jeff and Sherry Gustafson

2404 – 5th Ave NW

As longtime residents of Ward 6, we enthusiastically endorse Craig Ugland for Rochester City Council.

When Elton Hills residents were fighting the push for a “road diet” on Elton Hills Drive, Craig was a resounding voice of the Take Back Our Streets initiative.  This “push” was a prime example of the city council assuming they knew what was better for Rochester residents than the residents themselves.

Craig’s commonsense approach to problem-solving and hard work have proven him to be an effective leader.  He is thoughtful, informed, and above all, listens and promptly responds to questions and concerns.  He will help restore civility, accountability, and teamwork to our city council.

You can count on Craig Ugland to be a strong voice for all residents of Ward 6.

Joe Powers

President & CEO

Powers Ventures

I strongly support Craig Ugland for City Council. Craig’s incredible service to his community, especially our law enforcement, active military and veterans, shows how committed he is to his neighbors and his community.


It was Craig who organized his neighbors so their voices could be heard when the Council was trying to change Elton Hills Drive over the objections of the people who use it every day.


I know Craig will listen to his neighbors and do what’s best for them. We need Craig Ugland and his common sense on the City Council.

David Diercks

Rochester Resident

Former 6th Ward City Council Candidate

I'm David Diercks, former ward 6 candidate, and I support Craig Ugland for Ward 6.  He has GAINED MY TRUST.


Craig wants to prioritize city park spending, make the schools safer through community relations, reduce the excessive city consultant spending, and Craig also wants Elton Hills Drive to continue to be an effective route for the residents of Ward 6.


Finally, and most importantly, Craig Ugland is aware of the needs of our city and community residents.  With these priorities in mind, I am proud to support Craig Ugland for Ward 6.

Donavan Baihley, MS, LGSW

Licensed Social Worker, MN Public Defender Office,

Former 6th Ward City Council candidate

"...great leadership skills and is open to cultural competency and the 'urgency of now' issues. Craig, on the City Council, would be a better leader because he is open to issues of change." 



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CONTRIBUTION LIMITS: Candidates may not accept aggregate contributions in excess of $600 in an election year or in excess of $250 in a non-election year made or delivered by an individual or committee.


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